About the writer

Hello. I’m Sarah Hymas.

Before I began my freelance writing career I was a cook, and cookery cartoonist (for The Vegan magazine, 1992-2001). Perhaps because of this, I?m drawn to how?Banquet?combines the creativity of cooking and the communal aspect of sharing food. This interleaving of the everyday with celebration and ritual is, to my mind, a fundamental pleasure and motivator of artistic work.

The six different projects coming together as a community to the banquet, seems, to me, like a large scale recipe. Consider this blog the mixing bowl, of the individual courses and the ingredients of each course: the people involved in making the tea, salt, fruity delights, plates, tablecloth and even the table!

I?m particularly interested in investigating the creative practices instigated by the artists and how people respond to them. I want to share the work of the project with people unable to attend workshops: highlight the processes, ideas and involvement of local people and artists.

This blog hopefully acts as literary aperitifs, or invitations, to the banquet itself. Whetting the appetites of those who are thinking of attending in October, certainly enriching the experiences of those who do attend by providing a greater insight into how the elements have come together over the preceding months.

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