Artist Projects

Ahead of the main Banquet event in October a series of artistic engagement projects are taking place during August & September with communities across Blackpool and Wyre including?

  • Bread & Butter Stitches ? Artist Harriet Riddel will be creating a huge table cloth which will be displayed at Banquet. Harriet will be working with the Blackpool Embroiderers Guild and older people in Dementia Care Homes in the area to create the cloth.
  • People?s Pottery Project ? Artists Emilie Taylor and Victoria Dawes will be working with residents and allotment groups from across the area to create fifty sets of ceramic bowls which will be used at the Banquet meals.
  • Lost Orchards of LeftCoast ? Artist Philip Parr is exploring abandoned fruit trees across the area and finding out people?s stories of where they have foraged fruit from. Philip will create a map of the trees and fruit will be harvested and served at Banquet.
  • Wabi Char ? Artist Caroline Jupp is discovering tea rituals of local people through a series of workshops. Caroline will capture people?s stories and make them into a book which will be distributed at Banquet.
  • Banquet Table ? Artist Michael Powell will be working with Blackpool Carers? Centre Woodworking group and local schools during September to create a giant banquet table which will be used at the Banquet meals.
  • Wyre Salters ? Artists Maya Chowdhry and Jessica Mautner will be working with communities in Wyre and Fleetwood to make salt. The workshops will explore the heritage of making salt and will create salt to be used at the Banquet meals.

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